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September 03, 2007


Kim J.

I can honestly say that after studying your list, I feel only 2 out of 10 for my husband and I think his number would be quite low for me. Sometimes I feel like I'm in quicksand, slowly moving in a downward motion. But, even after learning all I have this past year, it seems as if I cannot make something happen to improve upon that low number. Life is hard. Habits are hard to break. Feelings are hard to repair. I think of that old song (I'm not sure I even have the words right because I'm so good at screwing up lyrics!) -- "After the love is gone, what used to be right is wrong..." I say "Amen!" to healthy relationships. I just wish I had one!

Dr. Hal


There is hope and success for all. Sometimnes it is slow and sometimes it is fast. I believe the power to change is having a short memory for our and our significant other's habits, while courageously affirming and visualizing the way we want to be in our relationships and how we want out relationships to be.

Jogar Poker

Olá a todos venho mais uma vez aqui neste blog amigo, de modo a retribuir a visita dada.......
Sou o Nuno,sou muito dado a livros , passo muito tempo a desenvolver o meu espaço online assim como a fazer legendas para imenos fóruns,talvez até já assistiram algum filme com legendas corrigidas por min!
E por hoje chega, pois eu faço turnos e e vou dormir um pouco.
Até à vista.............

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