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January 18, 2007


Sherry A.

When a person does not have the right tools to work with to become a mature, self sufficent, secure adult it can make the simplest things in life seems so scarey, nerve racking, and a host of other feelings and systoms both mental and physical. All because I have not listened very well or applied myself enough to take care of myself. I used to feel ashamed and uncomfortable with the thought that I needed to parent this child deep inside me. What was this bologna I was being fed about an inner child? And then I messed up!! I am still not always comfortable taking care of that child, but I know that child deserves better. She is a loving sensitive kid who needs to be loved and validated. And who knows her better than me. Who should protect her and love her and inspire her? Me!!! I take such good care of others and for too long I am guilty of not taking care of that child. I know better now. I will give her all I have so she still has time to enjoy life and be proud of her accomplishments and to expect the best of things to come. She really is here, deep inside me and she is not going away anytime soon. I still have time to work on meeting her needs.

Thanks Dr. Hal

Sherry A.

Dr. Hal


You and your inner child never have to be alone and separated. Your excitement in caring for you and aplying your tools to take care of you brings a message of hope for anyone. Thanks for sharing with us.

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