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January 24, 2007



That is a very inspiring post. Thanks for sharing it in the Carnival of Family Life which will be posted later today. We have LOTS of wonderful submissions, so stop by and read the others!

Mary (Mert)

Wonderful post! I think we could all learn something from your grandson. :O) Here from the carnival of family Life.

Holly Schwendiman

Thanks for sharing that. I love reading about kids overcoming their own personal Goliaths in life. I remind myself everyday that the things that matter most for my kids to master and be good at aren't the subjects that get letter grades. ;o)

Holly's Corner
Here via the Carnival of Family Life. ;o)

Karen Lynch

I love this post Dr. Hal! I am planning on reading the other posts about fear-based parenting also. Sometimes Doctors and others can say things about our kids that we get fearful about and we need to remember that our kids pick up on our energies and we should never treat them like they are broken.
Today from CFL but would have came sometime or other anyway!


Great post. I think it is a very important message to get out. The world we live in and the world our children live in is what we make it.

Here via the carnival of family life.

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