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I am a clinical psychologist providing psychological services including life and mental fitness coaching via the phone.


I am Dr. Hal Sommerschield. I have my Ph.D. degree in Clinical Psychology from Michigan State University. I also have a BA degree from the University of Michigan, a B.D. degree from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary and a M.A. degree from Michigan State University. I decided to become a psychologist after taking a high school class, which introduced me to Sigmund Freud's theories. Even in high school I was intrigued and very curious about how people function and change. My dissertation for my Ph.D. degree also provided an opportunity with the use of hypnosis to explore the dynamics regarding repressed memories and symptom development. The dissertation was titled Posthypnotic Conflict, Repression and Psychopathology, and was published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 1973, Vol. 82, No. 2, 278-290

For over 30 years I have been in private practice. Clients of all ages and diagnoses have been seen. A wide range of clinical services, including evaluations and consultations. have been provided. Also, counseling with individuals, families, and couples has been welcomed by me. Professional services have been provided for people with health issues. Some of my clients have had transitions and changes in their lives such as job losses, divorces, illnesses, and deaths of loved ones. Cllients include people with addictions. For a while, I formed and clinically managed an out-patient, substance abuse facility.

I began my practice with a goal of learning more about psychology by listening to all of my clients, while providing professional services to my clients. I always has been curious and motivated to understand human dynamics; specifically how people change. While working with clients, I learned why some people change and why others can't or don't. I have written about the insights learned from my clients in three, copyrighted mental fitness programs. Focus Point, A Program for Behavioral Change was copyrighted in 1989. Focus: a Mental Fitness Program was copyrighted in 1991. The North Star Mental Fitness Program Exercise Book was copyrighted in 2005

I pursued an interest in mental fitness training, because I believe that mental fitness training helps people make significant changes in their lives. For many people I believe mental fitness training can be more effective than other forms of helping people.

It is important for you to know and remember that l will not provide psychological diagnoses, treatment or recommendations on my Web site or blog.

I gladly welcome clients of any age, education, economic status in life or marital status. If you have dissatisfaction in your life and a strong desire to improve the quality of your life, I would like the opportunity to work with you.

If you have been discouraged in the past with programs to improve the quality of your life, add the mental fitness program to your previous program and try the original program again.

Mental fitness training is often the missing link for people who want to become successful and haven't been able to do so.

Mental fitness services will help organize your life for success.